For this Wedding we were travelling to the “weschd” – to Galway. Galway is one of my (Patricia) favorite places in Ireland and we always love to go there – work or pleasure, if it is Galway it might be a bit of both.

Clare & Christopher had an amazing Wedding day and the weather was absolutely lovely. Bearing in mind that we only filmed a Wedding in the Midlands the day before, where we had to run back into the cars to escape the rain, this day felt like it was a totally different month. Clare & Christopher tied the knot in the beautiful St. Mary’s Church at the famous Claddagh. Clare looked absolutely stunning in her dress and lets not forget the groom & his groomsmen, they were quite smashing it too.

For the photo-shoot we went with Paul & the lovely Bronagh from Acorn Images Photography just opposite the church before heading to Galway’s famous pedestrian zone for some more amazing footage.

After our photo-shoot we went to the always glamorous gHotel where guests celebrated in style, got entertained by a pianist and were awaiting our couple eagerly. Before their First Dance, the new Mr. & Mrs. Walker had a little surprise for their guests: Al Foran did his very best impressions and we had lots of fun with Robert DeNiro and Matthew “alright,alright,alright” McCaunaughey” to name just a few.

Clare & Christopher’s First Dance was so lovely that again – you guessed it – we used their song for our Highlight Video. Thank you so much Clare & Christopher letting us be a part of your Wedding day & we are wishing you only the very best for your future as husband & wife.

Patricia & Anthony