Watch Jennifer & Jason’s heartfelt wedding film. When you think you heard all the vows.. wait until you hear theirs. And.. little heads up, get your tissues ready! These are some vows: from the heart, meaningful and well articulated. We are both just in awe about the kindness, love and support these two have for each other.

But lets start at the morning of our couple’s big day. Both of them got ready at Spanisch Point and we got lovely footage of not only our bride and her preparations but also of Jason’s start to the day. Always great to have the groom’s perspective captured as well. Both are musicians, so it was only fitting that their wedding bands were carefully placed on top of a classic vinyl of the fab four – The Beatles.

Back from the fab four to our fab two 😉 Jennifer had the most amazing wedding bouquet, totally made for a musician, with little light-box and a music box incorporated in the bouquet playing (of course) the Beatles’ “here comes the sun”. Anthony had such a great time with our couple and they were so easy going, it was easy to get great footage throughout the day. Jennifer’s dress, just WOW and spot all the little details: her headpiece, Jason’s drumsticks on the jacket and so much more.

Sit back and enjoy this fantastic wedding film. It was hard to condense it all down to present an online film of a certain length. Jennifer & Jason, thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding day. We really enjoyed being a part of it and are wishing you both only the very best for your future together as husband & wife.

Anthony & Patricia