Recently we had the pleasure working again with Vanessa from

Aside from her amazing Zumba classes, Vanessa / LocoDance is also providing Dance classes in schools as part of the P.E curriculum. All programs are designed to fit the current school system and fulfill the NCCA Dance Curriculum for Physical Education in Primary Schools.

As you can see in the Video, it is great fun AND physical exercise for body, mind and soul – and this makes Vanessa’s classes so successful!

She brings not only the right attitude to set but also provides:

  • An energetic, fun and trendy approach.
  • Professional and educative dance classes
  • A safe and non competitive environment
  • A broad range of inspiration: Hip hop, Zumba, Body-drumming, Gymnastics, Yoga, World dances….

If you would like to book Vanessa to enrich your P.E. curriculum, please contact her via

her Website:

phone: 087 7458392

or Email:

Hi guys,
Thank you so much for all your good work. I've downloaded the video ok and will upload it on the website later on. Thanks again. Have a great week!
And hopefully see you again some time soon.