We are very excited to introduce a new feature / section on our blogsite where we would like to feature vendors we like a lot and find very original.

First to take part in our “Lucky 7 – questions for….” is Jackie (Jagdeep) Sahans from Soulscribe Calligraphy and we are happy to have her on board.

1. Can you describe what your company is offering and what sets you aside from others in your field?

My service is Calligraphy. It will enhance any Wedding or event. By using the simplest of hand-written fonts to inscribe place cards to unique Stationery or Presentation award for an event. Each Calligrapher is different as our personalities which makes each one of us unique.

2. What packages do you offer? What can customers choose from?

I wouldn’t have packages as such because Calligraphy is a very personalised service. If you already have your stationery and you want to give it that little bit of an extra special touch I can inscribe your envelopes & invitations with your guest names & addresses – giving your beautiful stationery a personal touch that your guests will remember.

Prices start from €1.00 for the name of your guest name inscribe on your invitation. A unique way of using Calligraphy and producing something really personalised is having your wedding vows or a wedding song illuminated using Calligraphy in a scroll or has a wall hanging this is a really personalised gift or keepsake.

3. Have you any new products or services coming up that you would like to share with us?

Yes, I am currently designing a collection of inspirational quotations which will be presented as cards, booklets & wall-hangings. I hope to have some of them for display in the tourist centre in Wexford Town for the beginning of October.

4. Can you give our customers any advice on things to look out for when choosing a product or service that you provide?

Yes, every Calligrapher is different – just like our personalities. We all have different styles – so choose the person’s whose style suits you the best.

5. Can you share some pictures or examples of past work you’ve done?

Yes, you can see examples of my work on my web-site http://soul-scribe.com and on my on-line portfolio http://www.behance.net/Calligraphyfolio

6. What would be your No. 1 Tip / advice for doing business in these times?

For the business person – have faith and be sure that you truly enjoy your business because its your everything. For the customer – be sure that the person whom you choose to do business with is real. If its too good to be true that means it normally is.

7. How can our customers get in touch with you?

They can get in touch with me on the phone 087 9887017 via my webpage or any of my social media pages like facebook / twitter ( @ SoulscribeCalli) / behance & Linkedin and not forgetting email: info@soul-scribe.com

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