Today we would like to introduce you to Rosie from “Songs by Rosemary”

Rosie is an excellent musician so we asked her to tell us and our readers a little more about herself and what she is offering.

1. Can you describe to our readers what you do and how long you are doing it?

I sing songs for all occasions; no event is too big or too small.

I have to-date sang at weddings, civil partnership ceremonies, memorials and the final farewell, on many occasions.

Traditional Irish sessions in the past 15 years have been a frequent favorite also.

I have been singing since the age of 8, thanks to a lovely lady in my primary school taking me ‘under her wing’, standing me by the piano … teaching me how to ‘sing with passion’, as she liked to put it! My earliest memories of music are listening to Neil Young, Bob Dylan and the Beatles on my dads turn table. Today, I listen to an ever-growing eclectic mix, Irish and International. I love listening to music, going to gigs as a ‘fan’, and performing at many events too, what passions.

I love to sing, always have done – I treasure being a small part of such a special day, a day that the couple and guests will remember forever. It is such a pleasure to sing at these occasions. I am located in the midlands of Ireland, but travel to any event.

2. Do you sing alone and what type of occasions do you perform at?

I perform accompanied by a wonderfully gifted guitarist. We have performed at a variety of events and provide music for church weddings, civil ceremonies and partnerships in hotels and outdoors. We also do a package of ‘ceremony plus pre-reception music’ at the venue.

I also sing A-Capella, unaccompanied by guitar. I have had a few services this year where it was just me and a microphone. Some couples prefer this option.

As an aside to weddings and civil ceremonies I perform at memorials and the ‘final farewell’ of loved ones, I have done so for many years now. I also performed at the 25th Commemorations in Dublin a section of the ‘Chernobyl Children International’ organization (Adi Roche) . I perform at a variety of events.

3. Have you any new services coming up this year that you would like to share with us?

We have been asked to sing at a few upcoming 40th birthday parties offering chilled easily listening tunes before the ‘disco music’ begins. Exciting!

4. Can you give our customers any advice on things to look out for when choosing a service that you provide?

Choose the songs that you love. Listen to samples provided by the vocalist you choose and meet up or ‘skype’ to listen to songs and discuss the ceremony. More recently couples and I have cut down on ‘meet ups’ by skyping new song ideas etc. which is great fun. But of course a meet up is always an option too.

Here is a link to testimonials from some customers thus far

5. Can you share some examples of past work you’ve done?

Here is a soundcloud set of 14 tracks – for a variety of occasions and events

6. What would be your No. 1 Tip / advice for doing business in these times?

Love what you do and network, network, network! I find that through supporting each other we can then recommend what we offer to other couples and customers.

7. How can our customers get in touch with you?

Most of the couples I have worked with have interacted with me via my facebook page and webpage. But there are a variety of ways to contact me.





My soundcloud – 24 tracks over 3 pages – a bit of a pick n mix – the list is endless of course

Once contact is made we can Skype, text and chat via mobile.


Songs by Rosemary