Zumba by Locodance

This Web Video was created for LocoDance.ie with the aim to showcase all the benefits of joining a Zumba class.

When watching the Video you will see that we lined up the music with the Zumba dancing. We also done some scene changes to go to the beat & rhythm. We animated the logo at the start and used lots of effects with colour, zoom, speed, text and much more.

If you have ever been at a Zumba Class you will know that they are full of energy & fun and we wanted to reflect this in the Web Video, which we think was achieved.

So sit back and enjoy the video; if by the end you want to either get up & dance or write in your diary to go to the next Zumba Class…. well then we have done our job right and this Web Video might even change your life forever with all the health benefits associated with Zumba.

If you are motivated by this Web Video please check out www.locodance.ie for more details on where and when the classed are on.

If you need a Web Video for your website please contact us at info@gaffeyproductions.ie

Did you know that by 2016 video will account for an estimated 86% of internet traffic according to CISCO? Don’t get left behind!

Anthony and Patricia provide an excellent service.
Always available and enthusiastic, they answered all my queries and fulfilled all my requests. They are very professional and such a pleasure to work with.
I am amazed with the quality of the video and the editing. They have done a fantastic job. I would recommend to anyone to work with Gaffey Productions


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